Smarter, more collaborative tools to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Whatever your own fitness goals, from getting a little bit fitter, running your first ever 5k or even taking on a marathon, PLANTRAINDO gives you the tools to help you succeed.

  • Plan for Success

    Use our powerful planning tools to create your perfect training programme: Start from our basic templates, connect with a coach or build your own!

  • Wherever You Train

    PLANTRAINDO works on any connected device, from PC to tablet and phone. You don't have to print anything out just access your training plan and track and update your activity.

  • Connect and Share

    Send and receive quick feedback on Coached plans: Stay connected with your Coach who can respond and make changes to the plan if needed - adding extra information or subbing in a new exercise.

  • Did We say FREE?

    Yes, we did: The first tier of service is FREE forever, for as long as you use PLANTRAINDO.


PLANTRAINDO means you spend more time with your clients, building those personal relationships and helping them to achieve their maxmium potential.

  • Fast

    Create tailored, individual Training Plans for your clients using our easy to use planning tools.

  • Build for Success

    Build your own library of exercises, session plans and programmes to make the most of your expertise.

  • Shared

    Share plans and programmes instantly with clients, individually or in groups.

  • Responsive

    Two-way feedback with your clients on any aspect of their programme: From sharing comments, adding extra information or subbing in a new exercise.

  • Connected

    PLANTRAINDO works on any device, from PC, to tablet and phone.


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